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Emergency Q is a software platform and system that reduces congestion in hospital Emergency Departments (EDs) by creating a digital connection between patients, EDs and community Doctors. 

It empowers patients suited to primary care by providing data they need to make informed decisions about where to seek treatment.  In 10 months our ED pilot volumes have reduced by 12%, saving patients 21,600 hours and significantly relieving pressure on ED staff and beds.


Our Purpose

Our Purpose




Our job is to tackle the longstanding problem of hospital ED overcrowding. We do this by putting the power back into the hands of patients and their whanau/carers when it comes to making decisions about urgent primary care. Placing the right data in the hands of patients enables informed decision making and pathway selection. That’s what we do.



Technology and people enabling patients to get the best care, faster.



Empowering patients to make smart urgent care choices.


Easy to use –promotes patient initiative and educates them”

“Education for patient to go to alternative places”

“Everything, love it!”

“Relieves load on front of house. We can concentrate on WRB/ambo bay patients
— North Shore Emergency Triage Nurses


Emergency Q




  • Observable, sustained reduction in non-emergency patient volumes
  • Staff free to focus on emergency cases
  • Less pressure on beds and other physical assets
  • Deferred need to grow ED capacity and cost of capital savings
  • Reduced clinical FTE budget pressure to meet population growth


  • Access the right care, faster (“get home quicker”)
  • See and compare live wait and treatment times (hospital vs primary care)
  • Health literacy: learn about the types of medical conditions you should go to hospital for (and what you should see a GP for)
  • Locate and book nearest available primary care providers instantly

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