Our System

Delivers measurable results from day one, reducing Hospital Emergency Department patient volumes by transferring non-emergency cases to primary care quickly and safely

Integrates secondary and primary care teams in real time through bespoke Emergency Department and primary care portals

Informs patients of the current wait times of Emergency Departments and local Urgent Care Clinics

Reduces ambulance drop-offs of non-emergency cases to hospitals

ISO27001 Information Security Management System accredited


160,000 less patients in EDs

0.7 million less waiting hours in Emergency Departments

8% average reduction in total Emergency Department volumes per annum


Frees up busy Hospital Emergency Department triage teams to focus on patients with medical emergencies

Reduces aggression levels towards frontline nurses by offering patients a choice and reducing waiting times

Empowers non-emergency patients to safely start their journey in primary rather than secondary care

Delivers better health outcomes by reducing Emergency Department crowding and patient wait times

Delivers cost savings to Hospitals and Health systems

Reduces ambulance callouts to non- emergency cases

Users of Emergency Q
Integrates your Hospital Emergency Department and local Urgent Care clinics in real time to deliver better health outcomes for patients

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Supporting non-emergency patients to start their journey in primary care

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Emergency Q only provides data relating to participating healthcare providers (hospitals and urgent care/after-hours clinics) and does not necessarily offer a comprehensive list of all available healthcare providers, or of those that are nearest to you. There may be healthcare providers other than the providers shown on Emergency Q that are available and closer to you. If you are in a location where there are no participating healthcare providers, Emergency Q may not show any care options for you.